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The Ultimate 100-Point Childcare Digital Marketing Checklist 🙋‍♀️

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“We have seen exceptional growth in lead generation and traffic to our site has never been better!”

Head of Marketing

what's inside

  • Introducing your Parent Value Journey
  • How well are you making parents AWARE of your brand?
  • How well are you ENGAGING parents with your marketing?
  • How well are you winning SUBSCRIBERS to your brand?
  • How well are you CONVERTING visitors into Centre Tours?
  • How well are you EXCITING parents into ENROLMENT?
  • How well are you RETAINING and ASCENDING enrolments year on year?
  • How well are you converting happy parents into ADVOCATES of your brand?
  • How well are you converting advocates into active PROMOTERS of your brand?
  • Your chance to review your Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Social Media, SEO, Website Conversion, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, CRM Automations, Reporting & Analytics and more
  • Including performance benchmarks across every stage of your Parent Value Journey
  • See how your digital marketing stacks up

what you will discover inside


It’s how your childcare business builds relationships, develops trust and delivers value through the 8 stages of a customer relationship.

Rooted in the science of psychology and proven in hyper growth companies, this digital marketing methodology has been taught to and adopted by some of the world’s top marketing teams.

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