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“We have seen exceptional growth in lead generation and traffic to our site has never been better!”

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  • What is Paid Traffic Marketing?
  • Relevant roles for Paid Traffic Marketing
  • Important lingo in this field
  • Key metrics to measure for Paid Traffic Marketing
  • An overview of our Paid Traffic Marketing certification


A successful paid traffic system consists of multiple advertising campaigns that work together to acquire leads and sales for your business at break even or better. Using a series of well orchestrated ads and offers, you'll transform ice-cold prospects into loyal customers.

To move prospects through a marketing funnel they will need advertising designed to satisfy their needs at each of the three stages.

1. The cold prospect should be made offers that create awareness, build authority and establish trust.

2. The warm prospect should be made offers that facilitate evaluation and convince the prospect to take action.

3. The hot prospect should be made offers that encourage higher dollar, more complex or repeat purchases.

To move prospects though the three stages your advertising and messaging must be responsive to the prospect’s stage in the “customer journey.”

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