10 Tips To Discover Stories Within Your Business

Adam Wallace

Using storytelling to enhance and promote the history of your business.

Everyone likes a good story, and with so much content on the Internet, you may feel like the odds are against you, especially when it comes to promoting your business. A strong, detailed narrative about your business and its history is just one way to help build a loyal customer base and to provide intriguing content marketing. People like to hear about success, and if you’ve had success with your business, then why not emphasize that to your followers? For example, this article from Inc. illustrates, how personal stories help to distinguish yourself from the crowd and enable you to bond with customers.

While coming up with the idea of a narrative sound easy, you need to take the time to find enough content for a compelling read. Much of the information may already be at your fingertips, especially if there are untold success stories that have yet to be made public. Here are ten ideas to help you uncover your businesses hidden treasures!

Your Company

1. Your Company’s Origins

Everyone likes to hear a success story, and if you have a prominent business, then sharing your background with your followers is an important step to further success. Your audience is more likely to take an interest in your company if they have some background, and having some insight into the history of your business is a good selling point, especially if you’ve had increasing success over the years.

Try to tackle the following in your narrative to make your story engaging and appealing.

  • Struggles that your company has confronted and overcome
  • Provide a list of historical events that your company has lived through
  • List all major achievements
  • Promote positive customer experiences

2. How your Company has Influenced the Community

Is your company involved in local community initiatives? Have you had a positive influence based on such involvement? Have you made an effort to reach out to the community in times of strife or hardship?

Emphasizing the following will help increase the appeal of your company:

  • Has your company provided emotional or financial support during natural disasters, wars or financial crises
  • Have you developed any partnerships with regional charities

Does your company provide support to local athletic teams, schools or clubs?3.  Your Company and Special Relationships

It’s important to focus on any type of special relationships that your company may have with other organizations. Things to keep in mind include your involvement with special events or activities that give you an edge above other companies. Also, adding a touch of humour to your story will help get your point across…everyone likes a humorous anecdote, so be sure to enhance your narrative with some personality.

4. Your Overall Appearance

How your business presents itself is also a crucial selling point. If you show a lack of organization, then you’ll find many potential customers won’t be all that interested. However, if you have a professional appearance and come off as highly organized, then there’s clearly something working in your favour. A good presentation will pay off in the end.

Try to create some history regarding the following:

  • The Origin behind your company’s Logo
  • Any mascots or specific graphics you use and the story behind them
  • Your company’s location, including your physical office, and its interior design

Elaborate on your overall corporate identity and how it differs from others.

Your Products

5. Describe Product Background?

Do you have interesting products that are unlike any other? Ever felt the need to share the background of these specific products? Giving some background and history on what your products do and how they are assembled can greatly appeal to your audience and prospective clients. Try posting pictures of the assembly process, or make a short video to show what your products are, how they work and why they’re important. People are oftentimes fascinated by how something works from A to Z, and this type of transparency is crucial in helping building trust for your brand.

6. How are Your Products Unique?

Sure you have an interesting product, but what sets it apart from others? What makes what you have to offer far superior when compared to other items on the market? Be sure to elaborate on your product and its many facets, which can include its background as well as what materials are used in its construction, different shipping methods, and any special incentives such as warranties and overall distribution.

Your People

7. Enhancing Company Founders and Important Leaders

One of the most important elements for any company is giving it a face that audiences can recognize, as well as trust. Part of your narrative should involve some history of your founders, including their background and their initial intentions for the company. Also, add information on how the company began and how it sprouted into what it is today.

8. Employee Profiles

Aside from the founders, you may want to focus on key staff in various departments. Highlighting the different members of your company will give it a well-rounded feel. Create profile pieces on certain staff members, while also focusing on how their input helps make the company run smoothly.

Focus on the following:

  • Provide some background on your CEO
  • The top members of senior management
  • Spend a little time shedding light on your company’s backbone, including developers and designers, in addition to those involved in the production process.
  • People like to read about what makes a company click, so give a broad overview on all of those who have some input in your company and how their involvement has helped its success.

9. Employees and Special Achievements

Are there any employees at your company that have gone above and beyond the call of duty? Have they performed tasks that could be considered extra special? Have they devoted time to helping out members of the community? If so, why not focus on these individuals in profile pieces, where their good deeds can help foster an overall positive reputation.

10. Celebrity Endorsements

If your company has a celebrity spokesperson, why not conduct an interview with him or her? Readers are always into celebrities; especially ones who support a good cause or see value in a specific product. Get your spokesperson involved by interacting with your audience. An online Q&A session is one form of interaction, as are guest blogs where they can elaborate further on why your product or company is of interest to them.

These are just some ideas on how to fully engage your audience and help promote your business or products, while at the same time giving your company a face and personality that will enhance customer trust. However, this just scratches the surface. Marketing is yet another step in promoting your company, so check out our article “How To Create A Competitive Content Marketing Plan!”

Any questions or comments? Feel free to comment in the box below!

Adam Wallace

Before the Internet became a ‘thing’ Adam’s sported an HP Jornada PDA from the Bond movie “The World is Not Enough” (1999). It’s safe to say he didn’t have a girlfriend at the time.

After a decade in the electrical industry designing systems and managing projects he made the switch to digital marketing and found his passion.

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