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We start by researching the market (your competitors, high value keywords, landing pages and messaging approaches). This lets us know what’s already working. Your campaigns are then built strategically aligned to the REACH, LEADS and SALES funnel stages, with cold traffic campaigns and remarketing campaigns to drive leads and sales.


With Adwords, relevance wins. We do the hard work needed to highly segment your campaigns. On average our accounts have a handful of campaigns, thousands of Ad Groups, thousands of keywords, thousands of negative keywords, thousands of Ads and hundreds of Ad Extensions. This helps us create relevant ads, which improves performance and lowers costs.


We conduct weekly and monthly optimisations designed continually improve your results. Many of our clients campaigns are still improving monthly, after 4-5 years of management. Your account managers will perform Search Query Reviews, Targeting, Bidding and Ad Copy optimisation regularly to optimise performance.




Other Digital Agencies

Other Digital Agencies


We understand your business growth drivers using our Growth Model and set and measure the KPIs that really matter. We are shooting for high ROI Adwords campaigns.

We have a cross discipline team of digital strategists, Google advertising experts, copywriters and designers who will all be working on your account.

We value transparency. Our campaign managers and strategists regularly report to you on the actions being taken on your account. You will never be left guessing what’s being done on your account.

We are a best practice agency. We are a Google Partner agency, a Digital Marketer Partner agency and we are Google Analytics certified. We draw on industry and enterprise best practices and implement them into your business.

We implement a tracking and analytics system to understand the performance of the ads at each stage of your funnel (from cold audience REACH campaigns, to warm audience LEAD campaigns, to hot audience SALES campaigns). We track phone calls to get a complete picture of your ROI.

We map out the remarketing campaigns required for each stage of your Customer Journey. These are designed to nurture and drive your audience down your sales funnel.

Highly segmented campaigns. We know that highly relevant Ads and Landing Pages perform best, so we do the hard work to roll out Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs). This lets us create highly relevant Ad Copy, and direct users to the most relevant Landing Page (proven to increase conversions).

Experience running successful campaigns in over 30 industries with hundreds of thousands of dollars in Ad Spend. Over 20 years professional digital marketing experience at a director level. We know what works.

We offer a free Adwords Account audit check against industry best practices to new clients - this will identify areas for improvement and quick wins. Ask us for an audit today!

Proof our Google Adwords Advertising Campaign Management gets results:

case study

Adwords Driving Explosive Growth For Childcare Client

“I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU for all your hard work to date! The last 6 months have been very hectic and your team have pulled off launching two websites, two CRMs and maintained our digital media strategy!”

Client from the Childcare Industry

We took over Adwords management in 2016 and immediately began optimising performance.

Improvements year-on-year have been dramatic:

  • 808% increase in Leads

  • 72.8% reduction in Cost per Lead

Account stats:

  • 56 campaigns

  • 5,245 Ad Groups

  • 519,852 Keywords

  • 9,607 Negative Keywords

  • 19,623 Ads

  • 749 Ad Extensions

case study

Adwords Campaign Brings in 4,574 Leads at $10.86 Cost per Lead for Industrial Products Priced $2,000+

“Sometimes have to remind myself that these guys are not our own internal marketing team, it's that seamless.”

CEO in the Industrial Transport Industry

This continually improving Adwords campaign drives serious ROI:

  • Less than a $50k investment in Ad Spend yielded over 4,500 leads of products priced over $2000 (Est. ROI over $1,000,000 in revenue)

  • Cost per Lead just $10.86

  • Conservative estimate of 1,967% Return on Ad Spend

Account stats:

  • 14 campaigns

  • 13,231 Ad Groups

  • 5,437 Keywords

  • 11,950 Negative Keywords

  • 11,748 Ads

  • 29 Ad Extensions

case study

Double Figure Year-on-Year Improvement for Tourism Client in Hyper Competitive Market

Despite seeing significant competition ramping up over the last few years (think Booking.com), we’ve managed to improve the results account wide every year:

  • 24.35% average increase in leads year-on-year

  • 20.55% average reduction in Cost per Lead year-on-year

Account stats:

  • 23 campaigns

  • 1,056 Ad Groups

  • 6,482 Keywords

  • 3,879 Negative Keywords

  • 10,402 Ads

  • 225 Ad Extensions


Cost Per Lead

case study

527% growth in Funded Loans via Adwords in the first 3 Months for Finance Client

To give the client team increased visibility, we mapped their Loan Application process to the Google Analytics eCommerce module and worked with their development team to use Google’s Measurement Protocol to send Funded Loan data from their .NET backend (not web based) back to Google Analytics.

This work gave us the valuable link from paid traffic campaigns to Funded Loans, which opened the door to reviewing the true ROI of Ad Campaigns by measuring Cost per Application, and Cost per Funded Loan. Using this data driven approach has allowed us to test and scale Ad Campaigns on Google with dramatic results:

  • 527% growth in Funded Loans via Adwords in the first 3 months

  • 62% decrease in Cost per Funded Loan via Adwords in the first 3 months

Account stats:

  • 50 campaigns

  • 365 Ad Groups

  • 1,102 Keywords

  • 19,026 Negative Keywords

  • 1,344 Ads

  • 554 Ad Extensions

Visibility from Ad Click on Adwords right through to Funded Loan with a Custom Built Google Dast Studio real-time performance dashboard:

our 11-STEP process To





Zero-in on high value keywords

We prioritise the keywords that have the highest commercial value for your business. We identify HOT buyer keyword, and go after these first. Then to scale we test into research and comparison based keywords. We use competitive analysis tools to find the keywords which are already being targeted by your competitors.



Steal strategies already working

We then build your Market Map to give us an idea of what’s already working in your market. It’s far less risky to start by improving what’s already in play in the market, than throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what works. Like everything we do, we’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to build your business.



Use high converting landing pages

Where you send traffic to has a huge impact on your conversion rates. We will assess your current landing pages, make recommendations for improvement, to build you high performing landing pages ourselves. In some cases you need customer landing pages for each of your high value keywords or we can use dynamic keyword replacement for a single landing page.



Best practice highly segmented campaigns

Drawing on industry best practices, we will create a highly granular campaign structure, targeting and creatives. A copywriter will be assigned to work on the messaging, our design team will deliver the images for remarketing ads, and your Adwords Ads manager will setup the campaign.



Campaign aligned to your funnel

You Adwords campaign will be aligned to your sales funnel needs. We’ll do the math using our Growth Planning model to identify which area is most profitable to spend resources on: REACH, LEADS, SALES. We will develop awareness campaigns to generate reach, and remarketing campaigns to maximise Leads and Sales.



Google Analytics Goals Setup

We make sure all conversions are accurately being tracked and reported on (website leads, calls from ads, calls from website, etc.), so you have complete visibility on true performance. We also ensure tracking is in place using the Adwords and Analytics Pixels to track conversions on-site or landing pages, and build customer audiences for remarketing.



Test to find winning approaches

Once you’ve given the green light on the first round of creatives, we will begin split testing Ads and keyword targeting approaches. We will generally split test with 3 Ad copy creative variations within each Ad Group. The test period is looking to get rapid feedback from the market as to which creative and targeting approach is most effective.



Track the results of tests to learn

Our goal is to learn fast. Each test tells us of a better way to reach our objectives and improve results over time. Your Adwords Manager will test and track results over time so that we are all learning together.



Weekly and monthly reporting

You get 100% transparency over delivery and results with a weekly check-in on performance, and monthly in-depth reports. The team is on hand to answer any questions you have about strategy, execution and results.



Continual improvement on campaigns

We are committed to continually improving our clients’ campaigns. We conduct daily checks on all campaigns. Weekly targeting optimisations, budget optimisations and creative optimisations. Monthly we review Search Query reports to identify negative keywords, which over time play an important role in improving performance.



Grow your results safely

Some clients want to grow quickly. Once we prove positive ROI on a campaign, we can then scale up the results (budget permitting). This phase comes with its own set of challenges, which we employ best practices to overcome.

We believe in helping businesses grow by delivering profitable digital marketing with four unique pillars of service:

Proven Data-Driven Strategy

With Transparent Service & Reporting

Tied to Client
Growth KPIs

All By a Responsive Team That Really Care

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Google still rules the roost when it comes to search intent - someone focused on finding a answer to a specific query. The potential to drive a buyer to your website after they type in a search term with commercial intent is very likely. Compare that to Facebook where you are operating in demand generation mode hoping to make people aware of your product or service.

There are many layers to the 'search funnel'. We provide strategic advice about which stage of the funnel you should test first:

Reach More People
your goal

Attract the Right Audience

Role of Adwords Ads:

These are customers that are unaware of the product or unaware there is a need for the product. These customers require education & awareness.

Targeting examples:

Display regular static & Gif’s on the GDN with loose keyword and topical targeting

Remarket to visitors that have only reached the homepage

Generic search terms such as ‘price holiday Bali’ - can be expensive and NOT recommend as first step

Drive More Leads
your goal

Turn Prospects Into Leads

Role of Adwords Ads:

These customers are aware of the problem / need. They also may be somewhat aware of the solution / product, but want to learn more about it. They’re shopping around for information.

Targeting examples:

Remarket similar products to visitors that have previously viewed products

Remarket similar products to buyer lists

Keyword targeting to searchers interested in learning more about the product, e.g. ‘reviews’, ‘comparison’, ‘best laptop bag’, top rated’ or ‘dell laptop bags’, etc.

Make More Sales
your goal

Convert to a Customer

Role of Adwords Ads:

This audience knows what they want and are at the purchase stage. They may be stuck in the cart or may require a demo or trial for evaluation.

Targeting examples:

Bid only on keywords with purchase intent, e.g… ‘Buy ray ban sunglasses’, ‘laptop on sale’

Google Shopping Search vertical targeting people shopping for specific products

Target customers that have already placed products in their cart but abandoned the cart


Q. Can you audit my Adwords account to see if it needs fixing?

A. Yes, we can provide you with a high-level audit of your Adwords account which will identify issues that need to be fixed, and opportunities to improve your performance.

Q. Are there monthly KPIs aligned with performance metrics?

A. Yes, we set performance KPIs for each stage of your funnel (REACH, LEADS and SALES) quarterly. These are tracked and reported on to ensure we are delivering to our goals.

Q. How do I measure ROI?

A. We measure ROI as Profit / (Ad Spend Cost + Marketing Services Cost).

Q. Can you set everything up from scratch?

A. Sure can, in fact if it’s a new account we should be able to throw in $100 worth of Ad credit.

Q. How do you track phone calls?

A. I’m pleased you asked. We can editer use the free Google Call tracking or a more comprehensive call tracking solution that can be used across your digital strategy such as Facebook Ads, your website, email, offline campaigns etc.

Q. What kind of reporting will you provide?

A. You will have access to our exclusive reporting dashboard detailed exactly how your campaigns are performing against predetermined KPI’s. Scheduled PDF reports are also available depending on your preferences.

Q. How long does it take to setup and implement an Adwords advertising campaign?

A. Believe it or not, the success of your Adwords advertising campaign can most easily be won or lost in the planning and build phase. It’s what separates the PROS from the amateurs. We spend the time necessary to do the keyword research, competitive research, landing page research, then granularly build your campaign and ad copy. We allocate 2-4 weeks for the setup, depending on the complexity of the strategy.

Q.Do I own the AdWords account you setup and optimise for me?

A. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We connect our Management account to your AdWords account.

Q. Will you ensure Google My Business is linked to my Ad?

A. Indeed, you’d be crazy not to leverage every feature that increases the Click Through Rate (CTR).

Q. How often will Content First work on the campaign?

A. We have optimisation activities for every week of the month. We also know that tinkering too frequently can be as harmful as not doing anything. All are optimisation actions are backed by data and analysis.

Q. Do you put a markup on the Ad spend?

A. Some agencies do but that’s not how we roll. You pay for your Ad spend directly from the source - Google Or Bing so no markup is applied.

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