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“Your team have pulled off launching two websites, two CRMs and maintained our digital media strategy - a massive THANK YOU!”

“We have seen exceptional growth in lead generation and traffic to our site has never been better!”




The challenges facing financial services teams in today’s digital marketing landscape need a holistic approach:


Like a lot of other industries, Financial Services teams are often operating in silos. Even in digital departments - data & analytics, content, advertising channels, lead nurturing and customer care are operating their own strategies. This leads to a fragmented customer experience, and difficulty developed personalised experiences for different customer personas.


Tracking the ROI on marketing activities has traditionally been a challenge, especially when the relationship is opened online, and a customer is created offline. No link from online branding and lead generation campaigns to conversions and offline sales means you’re flying blind.


Increased customer demand for relevant content AND customer service across channels. Customer expectations are putting pressure on companies to both provide quality content for each stage of the buying cycle, and maintain customer support presence on a range of platforms (such as on-site chat, Facebook pages, email and more).

How are we overcoming these challenges?

We’ve been specialising in digital marketing solutions tailored to the finance industry that address these challenges with strategies rolled up into a holistic methodology. And we’re getting awesome results!

We boil down everything we do to 4 simple customer stages, leveraging industry best practices to drive our client’s business growth.





Strategic planning to market in the right channels

Growth objectives mapped to performance KPIs

Phone tracking and Google Analytics setup to correctly measure leads from advertising campaigns

Customer Journey mapped and content and campaigns developed for each stage, delivered by marketing automation CRM

Offline conversions connected to Google Analytics e-Commerce console to track purchases

Executive at-a-glance realtime dashboard reporting on KPIs and performance across digital channels (Adwords, Facebook, SEO, etc.)

2. reach more people

Facebook Ad campaigns that create awareness in your customer personas AND drive leads

Google Adwords Ad campaigns that drive host prospects through your conversion funnel

Search engine marketing campaigns to capture high rankings in Google’s organic search results for high value keywords

Social Media management that grows your audience and engages with prospects and customers (providing sales support and customer care)

3. drive more leads

High converting websites and landing pages that turn traffic into leads (integrated right into your CRM)

Reputation management solutions that create undisputable positive word of mouth about your brand on Google and Facebook

Lead Magnets to build trust and position your brand as a high quality, unique choice for prospects

On-site chat to capture prospects ‘just checking you out’ and convert them into sales opportunities

Content Marketing to engage with new prospects and existing customers to build trust and retention

4. make more sales

CRM solution that integrates to your website and Call Tracking to capture all leads and measure your Sales Pipeline

Automated lead nurturing with templated emails and sales processes that save sales teams hours weekly

Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer review and referral campaigns automated

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case study

527% growth in Funded Loans via Adwords in the first 3 Months for Finance Client

To give the client team increased visibility, we mapped their Loan Application process to the Google Analytics eCommerce module and worked with their development team to use Google’s Measurement Protocol to send Funded Loan data from their .NET backend (not web based) back to Google Analytics.

This work gave us the valuable link from paid traffic campaigns to Funded Loans, which opened the door to reviewing the true ROI of Ad Campaigns by measuring Cost per Application, and Cost per Funded Loan. Using this data driven approach has allowed us to test and scale Ad Campaigns on Google with dramatic results:

  • 527% growth in Funded Loans via Adwords in the first 3 months

  • 62% decrease in Cost per Funded Loan via Adwords in the first 3 months

Account stats:

  • 50 campaigns

  • 365 Ad Groups

  • 1,102 Keywords

  • 19,026 Negative Keywords

  • 1,344 Ads

  • 554 Ad Extensions

Visibility from Ad Click on Adwords right through to Funded Loan with a Custom Built Google Dast Studio real-time performance dashboard:

case study

Adwords Driving Explosive Growth For Childcare Client

“We were immediately impressed with the accessibility and transparency provided to us by Adam, Paul and the team. We have seen exceptional growth in lead generation from our online sources due to Content First's knowledge and expertise and the traffic being driven to our site has never been better.”

client from the Finance industry

Our client (who was previously reliant on Google Adwords for the bulk of their sales) wanted to scale up their business, we recommended Facebook Advertising.

First they were hesitant, but we convinced them to run a test. We quickly proved how effective Facebook Advertising can be (for almost ANY industry), and it has become a major advertising channel for their marketing mix.


Within months, we had developed and scaled up profitable Facebook campaigns:

  • Within 4 months we scaled up spend on Facebook and added 130% in loan applications (on top of existing Adwords traffic)

  • Achieved this scale while hitting CPA targets.

Finance Reporting Dashboard Brings Offline Loan Sales Data Into Google Analytics For Cross-Channel KPI Performance Tracking

We believe in helping businesses grow by delivering profitable digital marketing with four unique pillars of service:

Proven Data-Driven Strategy

With Transparent Service & Reporting

Tied to Client
Growth KPIs

All By a Responsive Team That Really Care

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Strategic Planning

With market analysis, competitive benchmarking, and our Digital Health Check we quickly prioritise the low hanging fruit and the right channels for you to execute on. Click to read more about our 10-step Digital Strategy Planning process.

Objectives, KPIs & Dashboard Reporting

We set growth goals based on our strategic planning that are tied to KPIs at an Enquiries and Sales goals.

We also bring ALL your marketing channels into a proprietary data warehouse and report back to a dashboard that shows real-time activity of performance against lead and sales KPIs.

If you are using our CRM and Marketing Automation solution, we can pull in your performance across your sales pipeline (how well your sales teams are converting leads). We can also link up offline conversions with Google Analytics to track purchases back to online enquiry website sessions.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Our Advertising campaign specialists leverage Google Adwords and Facebook to reach into your customer personas and target markets. We have an exceptional track record of increasing performance of the campaigns we manage. The results? More enquiries and sales for your marketing dollars. Here’s more information about our Google Adwords Ad campaign management and our Facebook Ad campaign management.

SEO Campaigns

We’ve cracked the code to get our clients ranking at the top of Google for competitive search terms. We use a combination of on-site SEO, content marketing and white hat link building techniques to secure top rankings. Read more about our SEO approach here.

Flood The Market With Positive Word Of Mouth

Nothing discourages prospects more than negative online reviews. Our Reputation Management Service buries any negative reviews with a steady stream of positive reviews on Google and Facebook every month. Great online word of mouth increases trust, converts more visitors into leads, and gets your business ranking higher. Learn more about our Reputation Management process

Conversion Websites

We build highly effective, blazing fast and SEO optimised websites that look beautiful on all devices. Enquiry Calls to Actions that are linked right into the CRM setup to send leads right to your sales team. Learn more about everything that goes into planning and building an effective lead generating website.

Social Media Management

Want to build a social following? Want a team to manage the content and community in your social channels? Would you like quality content shared daily, and a friendly team member to answer prospects and parents’ questions? Delegate this time consuming task to the experts. Here’s more about out social media management process.

Content Marketing

Our team of writers love to write engaging and share-worthy content that will connect with prospects, build trust and engage with existing customers. Read more about our Content Marketing process here.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Get your Lead Nurturing, Sales Tracking & Performance under control with our CRM & Marketing Automation platform.

We’ve heavily optimised Active Campaign (the market’s leading low cost - high feature CRM) and developed custom features:

Integrated to your Conversion Website, Call Tracking and Ad Campaigns to track the source of all leads

Sales Pipeline visualisations so that you know how many opportunities are in the pipeline

Lead Nurturing email campaigns for all new prospects

NPS and customer feedback / review campaigns automated

Plus much more

Learn more about how we roll out an effective CRM process here.

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Meet your new digital marketing department:

Director & Founder
Senior Digital Strategist
Google Adwords Manager
chris l
Social Media Manager
Conversion Designer
Editor & Content Manager
copy and content writer
Senior Web Developer
chris h
Senior Web Developer
Outreach & SEO Specialist
Facebook Ads Manager
Google Adwords Manager
Google Adwords Manager
Copy and Content Writer
Copy and Content Writer
Data & Analytics Specialist
Facebook Ads Specialist




Other Digital Agencies



We’ve successfully managed end-to-end digital strategies for clients in the finance space with proven results. We know what works in this market!

We build Finance Sales Funnel reporting dashboards, with custom data linking OFFLINE sales into Google Analytics to track the true ROI on advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.

We understand your business growth drivers using our Growth Model and set and measure the KPIs that really matter. We are aiming to drive more revenue for your business, while reducing churn.

We understand your business growth drivers using our Growth Model and set and measure the KPIs that really matter. We are aiming to drive more revenue for your business, while reducing churn.

We are a best practice agency. We are a Google Partner agency, a Digital Marketer Partner agency and we are Google Analytics certified. We draw on industry and enterprise best practices and implement them into your business.

We have a cross discipline team of digital strategists, copywriters, conversion specialists, CRM experts, designers and analytics nerds who will all be working on your account.

We have experience managing campaigns across the whole Customer Journey, from lead nurture, to sales support, to product launches, to customer onboarding, to upsells and cross sells, to email newsletters, to review and referral campaigns.

We implement a tracking and analytics system to understand the performance of your campaigns. We set meaningful KPIs which are tracked and reported to monthly.

Experience running successful campaigns in over 30 industries with hundreds of thousands of dollars in Ad Spend. Over 20 years professional digital marketing experience at a director level.

We value transparency. Our experts regularly report to you on the actions being taken on your account. You will never be left guessing what’s being done on your account.


Q. How long does a strategy take to design and implement?

A. We generally deliver a 12-Month Digital Strategy in 10 working days.

Q. How long until I see results?

A. It depends on where you need to improve your capabilities across your digital marketing stack. For example, we can have an Adwords campaign live and running traffic to your website or landing pages within 2 weeks. Other channels for example SEO, required a longer timeframe to deliver ROI. The best thing to do next is book a time with our team so we can give you our recommended next steps based on your needs.

Q. What businesses are not a good fit?

A. New startups without funding, e-commerce businesses that sell small price point items to name a couple. Typically we work with clients that have a revenue of $2M+ per year and a marketing budget of $3,000+ per month.

Q. How long does it take to setup and implement a robust and accurate digital reporting suite?

A. We turnaround a Google Analytics setup in around 10 business days, depending on the complexity of the setup.

Q. We’re keen to know more what are the next steps?

A. Click the Get Proposal link, complete the form and we’ll get things moving!

Q. How long have you been around?

A. We were incorporated in January 2007.

Q. We already have a marketing agency, can you perform an objective audit on their performance?

A. Yes, we can review your existing performance and capabilities, and make recommendations about the quality of the work and opportunities for improvement.

Q. Can your team build out the sales funnel you design in the strategy?

A. Yes, we have a team of copywriters, digital strategists, conversion designers, Facebook Ad specialists, Adwords specialists, tracking and analytics experts who can quickly and affordably build out your sales funnel.

Q. How do I measure ROI?

A. We measure ROI as Profit / (Ad Spend Cost + Marketing Services Cost).

Q. Will you work with our existing partners

A. Yes we can work with existing partners to develop your sales funnel strategy. We have however found that it generally works best when one party is responsible end-to-end for your strategy execution.

Q. How long does it take to setup and implement a robust and accurate digital reporting suite?

A. We turnaround a Google Analytics setup in around 10 business days, depending on the complexity of the setup.

Q. Are there monthly KPIs aligned with the actual performance metrics in your reporting dashboard?

A. Yes, we set performance KPIs for each stage of your funnel (REACH, LEADS and SALES) quarterly. These are reflected on your dashboard and each month you will be able to track performance against these goals.

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