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To drive business growth you need to measure what matters. All key conversions and KPIs by channel must be tracked in Google Analytics. This includes lead magnet conversions, enquiries, all leads, phone calls and sales.


Many businesses start the marketing process online, and close deals offline. Without a CRM solution to track the source of enquiries and how they convert into sales, you are flying blind. Our CRM solutions solve this problem.


Once we’re tracking and collecting data, the right data, it’s time to make sense of it. We create executive level at-a-glance dashboards to deliver top-level insights on the effectiveness of marketing spend by channel and campaign to show true acquisition cost.




Other Digital Agencies

Other Digital Agencies


We understand your business growth drivers using our Growth Model and set and measure the KPIs that really matter.

We have a cross discipline team of digital strategists, advertising experts, SEO nerds, analytics specialists, web devs (with a collective experience of over 100 years in digital) which we draw on to setup your analytics right.

We are an Active Campaign partner agency (after being partnered with many other CRM providers) and have strong CRM capabilities so we are proficient at linking online marketing to offline sales performance.

We are a best practice agency. We are a Google Adwords Partner agency, a Digital Marketer Partner agency, and we are Google Analytics certified. We draw on industry and enterprise best practices and implement them into your business.

We get growth. We measure what matters and only what drives leads and sales. And that means to the exclusion of any other meaningless metric.

We’ve invested heavily in reporting and analytics to give our clients insightful reporting and dashboards.

We’ve developed a proprietary BiqQuery data warehouse which allows us to join data from online channels and offline sales (CRM). This data is pulled into Google Data Studio dashboards which give At-a-Glance insights across our clients whole marketing and sales performance.

We value transparency. Our campaign managers and strategists regularly report in to you on the actions being taken on your account. You will never be left guessing what’s being done on your account. And the team are always there to explain what we’re working on to improve your marketing performance.

We have rolled out extensive Call Tracking and On-Site tracking solutions and will ensure we are accurately tracking all sources of leads and sales.

Examples of our At-a-Glance Reporting Dashboards:

case study

Childcare Reporting Dashboard Gives Business Leaders At-a-Glance Cross Channel Insights

  • Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Facebook Organic Pages, SEO, Direct Website traffic rolled up into high level view

  • Filter ALL data by Centre for an accurate location-by-location view

  • Leads from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and website captured against each source of traffic

  • Enrolment data pulled into the reporting platform from the CRM to track enrolments

  • Filter by Marketing Channel: For example, show me just Google Adwords traffic, through to leads and enrolments

  • See how the digital strategy is delivering against KPIs

  • Cut data by any date range you want to see

case study

Finance Reporting Dashboard Brings Offline Loan Sales Data Into Google Analytics For Cross-Channel KPI Performance Tracking

  • Offline loan approval and loan value matched against online application and fed into Google Analytics

  • Cost per Funded Loan reported on as a KPI for growth

  • See Cost per Funded Loan across Marketing Channels to more effectively drive ad spend

  • Full visibility from Ad Click (and marketing spend) right through to Funded Loans






Link business objectives to reporting goals

All businesses need to be data driven. We start by understanding your business challenges and objectives. Are you trying to test new lead generation methods? Are you trying to increase sales with existing customers? Are you looking to scale? The business objectives lead the reporting and analytics requirements.



Review your analytics setup

We audit your Google Analytics account in 25 key areas. We check off our best practice checklist for spotting many common Google Analytics setup mistakes. This gives you a capability assessment rating against industry best practice.



Connect all other Google accounts

We link your Google Adwords, Google Search Console and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to your Google Analytics account to ensure data integration from traffic acquisition channels.



Conversion and remarketing pixels

Facebook and Google Analytics Pixels must be on site to capture conversions (such as phone calls, enquiries, sales and other conversions) that were driven through advertising. We also use pixels to build remarketing audiences which are used to roll out remarketing advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Google’s Display Network.



Identify and set up conversion goals

Without conversions being tracked accurately in Google Analytics, you are flying blind as to which channel is really driving your growth. Goals should be selected as those closely linked to business objectives (such as sales). So it’s important to capture all enquiries, new contacts, and phone calls across all channels (organic search, direct traffic, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Facebook organic activity and any other channels).



Track all phone calls

For businesses that market online and sell offline, phone calls are the lifeblood of your lead generation. We recommend a call tracking solution that is capable of assigning new calls as conversion in Google Analytics to the correct source (for example, a Facebook Ad). We also look to integrate these conversions into a CRM and Marketing Automation platform so that all offline sales can be attributed to the right source of traffic.



Roll out campaign tracking UTM URLs

In order to capture the effectiveness of channels such as social and email, it’s crucial to use UTM tracking parameters in all campaign URLs. This ensures that Google Analytics correctly segments users into the correct source of traffic - especially important if we are tracking sales and revenue in Google Analytics.



Weekly and monthly campaign reporting

As a client, you will receive a weekly snapshot report every Monday morning highlighting performance against set KPIs. Then monthly your campaign managers on Facebook, Google and SEO will provide a summary of work completed, wins, challenges, and the focus for next month.



Pull data into real-time dashboards

Once we have accurate data being collected, we then take it to the next level by building out executive summary dashboards that are always on. These are designed to deliver performance insights against KPIs at each stage of the funner from REACH campaigns, to LEAD generation and SALES performance (pulling in sales data from your CRM).

We believe in helping businesses grow by delivering profitable digital marketing with four unique pillars of service:

Proven Data-Driven Strategy

With Transparent Service & Reporting

Tied to Client
Growth KPIs

All By a Responsive Team That Really Care

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Without an optimised Google Analytics platform, you are literally flying blind. It’s impossible to track and improve marketing campaigns and website performance if you don't know which sources & segments of traffic (advertising platform, channel, campaign, creative, device, new vs returning visitors, etc.) are driving business results.

Google Analytics can be incredibly complex as you dive under the hood and try to answer business questions such as: Which are my best sources of traffic? Which advertising is driving most revenue? How effective are my email market campaigns?

Professional Google Analytics setup will give you the baseline to understand your digital performance through every stage of your funnel, and optimise results over time:

1. plan to win

Digital Strategy

Sales Funnel Design

Analytics & Reporting

2. reach more people

Facebook Advertising

Google Adwords Advertising

Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimisation

Local Search

3. drive more leads

Web Design & Development

Conversion Landing Pages

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Content Marketing

Lead Magnets

Reputation Management

4. make more sales

CRM & Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

Sales Letters


Q. Can you audit my Google Analytics account, goals and conversion tracking to see if it needs fixing?

A. Yes, we can provide you with an audit of your account which will identify tracking issues that need to be fixed, and opportunities to improve your data and analytics framework.

Q. Does your reporting dashboard integrate with CRMs like ActiveCampaign, Zoho CRM and other leadings industry CRMs?

A. Yes, if the CRM has an open API we can pull data out of your CRM and into a data warehouse. Bringing sales data into your reporting dashboards streamlines reporting and often saves our clients hours in reporting labour each month.

Q. Are there monthly KPIs aligned with the actual performance metrics in a dashboard?

A. Yes, we set performance KPIs for each stage of your funnel (REACH, LEADS and SALES) quarterly. These are reflected on your dashboard and each month you will be able to track performance against these goals.

Q. What size does your business need to be to benefit from a analytics and reporting solution like this?

A. We use best practice enterprise-level strategy development, applied for growing small to medium sized companies. As such, businesses with a marketing budget of less that $3,000 per month will not be a good fit, as they need an entirely different approach.

Q. How do I measure ROI?

A. We measure ROI as Profit / (Ad Spend Cost + Marketing Services Cost).

Q. If I only had time to look at 2 numbers to gauge marketing performance, what should they be?

A. #1 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): How much are you paying to acquire a customer. Ideally you should know this by marketing channel and the maximum your willing to pay to ensure profitability. #2 Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): What is a customer worth to your business. Do they buy just once or multiple times? Knowing this will impact what you’re prepared to spend to acquire new customers.

Q. How long does it take to setup and implement a robust and accurate digital reporting suite?

A. We turnaround a Google Analytics setup in around 10 business days, depending on the complexity of the setup.

Q. Does Google Data Studio charge a monthly fee to access?

A. No, Google Data Studio is a free product from Google.

Q. Can you integrate 3rd party data from spreadsheets and APIs into the reports?

A. Yes we can pull in data from Google Sheets and APIs.

Q. What is the cost to setup a reporting solution outlined in your 9-Step process above?

A. Google Analytics account setup and optimisation generally costs $1,100 (Inc. GST) (sometime more if added complexity). Custom dashboard solutions start at $2,500 (Inc. GST).

Q. Do you attribute conversions to the first click or last click? I.e. If someone clicks my AdWords Ad but doesn’t convert then is retargeted on Facebook 3 days later and clicks through to my website then converts into a sale which channel is awarded the conversion?

A. Attribution depends on the channel. By default Google Analytics attributes to the last-click (which is generally what we recommend to most clients). In the above example, Google Analytics would assign the conversion to Facebook. Sometimes we will recommend using a blend of last click and assisted conversions to more accurately see how awareness campaigns are impacting the user journey (most used for Facebook and display campaigns).

Q. Can you integrate all my marketing channels into one dashboard report? E.g. Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Search Console, Organic Traffic, Instagram, CRM data etc.?

A. Yes, if you can measure it then we can report on it. The complexity can vary based on your requirements. For example, if you want to see historic pipeline data from your CRM then we’ll need to capture that and push it through to Google BigQuery or similar to be able to report on it as most CRMs don’t natively store historical view of the data.

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