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Below are some of our most popular downloads, favourite resources and helpful tips, please help yourself and ENJOY!

Content Marketing Plan

8 Step Content Marketing Plan

How you can use content marketing to build your own audience? You can start doing your own content marketing today by following the 8 step content marketing plan. Download the template below.

Content Calender

You know one of the biggest components for your marketing is your content calendar, but what needs to be included in it? Who has time to create the format? Never fear, we did it for you! You can download our content calendar template now and get those creative ideas down on paper!


Presentations from Slideshare

Here are a couple of our presentations from Slideshare on content marketing and building a website that will support an effective content marketing strategy.

The Secrets of Profitable Content Marketing

Content Marketing is exploding, people don’t care about your products and services, they are searching for answers to their problems. They want to be educated, inspired, convinced and entertained. Most small businesses get it wrong when they launch into a website (re)development , putting up bland ‘me too’ sales copy which does little to convince a prospect your business is in tune with their unique needs. Customers want to buy you before they buy your product.

In this presentation you will learn the 3 factors which determine if your website is going to be a profitable cash cow and how you can leverage content marketing to build a loyal audience that WANTS to hear from you. In this presentation you will learn 8 steps that can transform your business into a content marketing machine.

Building an Effective Website – Ninja Style

Learn what it takes to have an awesome website and develop a digital plan for all of your online activities that actually works. We have put together a precise list of actionable tasks and tools you can use to power through your online marketing efforts.

The workshop presentation slides cover:

  • 3 factors that determine if your website will succeed or fail
  • How to create a digital plan
  • Tools and resources to monitor your online activities
  • SEO essentials
  • and much much more


Take a look at our other Slideshare presentations here.

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